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  Price the stalker
Posted by: Phuckit - 03-20-2017, 11:50 AM - Forum: ConsoleOS Rip-Off Open Forum - Replies (2)

Was bored screwing around on XDA and came across some of Chris prices old posts. This one cracked me up. He says he hired a private investigator to track down Mike Reid (the android hu app guy) because he stopped responding to him. Kind of funny considering awhile back Price accused people of stalking him because they were posting info they found through simple google searches, but Price goes full blown stalker and uses a private eye. What a kook lol.

Wouldn't let me post the screenshot in first post so included as an attachment.

Maybe backerx can fix original post. Posting images never worked for me properly and he always had to go back in to fix them lol

Link to image - http://imgur.com/rfd1kz0


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  Oregon Justice Department investigates another failed Kickstarter
Posted by: sortan - 10-05-2016, 12:23 PM - Forum: ConsoleOS Rip-Off Open Forum - Replies (2)

Some of you may remember the "Coolest Cooler". I don't remember if this was posted here or not.

In any case, apparently they are under investigation by the Oregon Justice Department.

Keep in mind that this seems to more a case of people being in over their head rather than outright fraud (like our dear friend Christopher's project).

Interestingly, it only took about 200-300 complaints.

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  Update 39
Posted by: xxlariusxx - 08-01-2016, 10:21 AM - Forum: ConsoleOS Rip-Off Open Forum - Replies (10)

I haven't parsed this yet, just wanted to post it in case he makes it Backer only. 

We're Headed to IDF!

We apologize for the repeated delays. As we'll explain, it's good news all around though forConsole, Inc. - and for our backers!

First, Android on Intel - An Update

We've held a lot of meetings with Intel over the past few weeks. We had the same concerns that many have had lately about the state of Android on Intel.

While we can't answer all questions today, we can say that Intel has assured us, and we can in turn assure the community, that Intel remains committed to Android. There certainly have been, and certainly will still be, some bumps in the road along the way.

To recap the news that is public, Intel will skip Android support for its upcoming "Broxton" line of Intel Atom processors. But, the Intel Atom "Cherry Trail" processor fully supports the same I/O (including USB-C with USB 3.1, and even DisplayPort mode), and will be built on a long-life basis over the next 24 months. We expect to keep making devices on Cherry Trail, until the successor to Broxton emerges.

Right now, we're sure the big question on your minds is about Nougat. Will Intel support Nougat on their chips? And in the FOSS community?

We can't answer specific questions on that today, other than to say some Intel Atom chips will be supported by Nougat. The Google Nexus Player, for example, which is powered by an Intel Atom "Moorefield" processor, will be upgraded to Nougat.

But, it is true, Intel is temporarily pulling back Android support. They've been up-front with the media, and with us, about that. That means a lot of Android devices may not see Nougat. We're trying to make sure that the devices that we're building, that depend on Nougat, will make the cut.

Intel has shared with us their timetable, and we in turn are working with multiple partners in the Intel ecosystem to make sure that Intel's support of Android strategically aligns with all the goals of both the IoT community, as well as companies like ours that are still committed to making great Android mobile devices with Intel processors.

To this end, we have started to take Console OS temporarily offline. We still hope to keep to our current plan of shipping a FOSS-friendly, stable Marshmallow release later this summer. We won't be able to decide about the future of Console OS beyond that, until after Nougat's source code is publicly available (and despite some broadly-held misconceptions, the source code for future Android releases is not fully posted, until after the final release is pushed out the door by Google).

And, consistent with our last update, we will offer backers multiple options as we pivot to focusing on hardware. If we decide to stop making Console OS, we'll offer you the chance to request a refund - or something better, your call.

Console Developer Rewards - It floats!

A famous David Letterman sketch was "Will it Float?" - where David Letterman out of the blue, would drop objects into water, and see if they sink, or swim.

When Intel pulled back on Intel support for Android, we weren't sure if it was the end. So, we held off onConsole Developer Rewards. To recap, it's our initiative that funds FOSS developers in the community, to squash bugs and build out features on a bounty basis.

Our first full round was rolled out last month, along with a new open-source project called the OpenHU Project. A key developer, Mike Reid, tragically passed away, and we were working with him on his Android projects. One of them was very key to an upcoming device that we are well into developing. We were in contact with Mike up to the day he went to hospital, and tragically, he died suddenly.

As the story goes, right after he passed away, Google beamed down a GMS update that broke his hard work. So, we put up a $10,000 bounty to fix it. One developer, Emil Borconi, answered the call. And while Emil decided to decline the reward, we're planning on making a sizeable donation to Emil's continuation project, and we also plan to roll up / wind down the OpenHU project into that effort.

We didn't share any of this in an update previously, because we didn't feel it was worth sharing without some conclusions. In memory of Mike Reid, we've kept going, and the product that we showed him before he passed away, built atop his FOSS contributions, is something we're excited to be announcing in the near future.

This first cycle of Console Developer Rewards was a great learning experience. It showed that small amounts of money can galvanize communities, and bring attention to underserved FOSS projects. In other words, Console Developer Rewards definitely floats.

After our summer announcements, we hope to roll out a new round, and with Intel's commitments, assuming we can keep building Console OS, we expect to focus on Android-x86 in the next wave. Yep, that means rewarding Android-x86.org developers, with cash, for their hard work.

Onward to IDF

Originally, our plan was to unveil our next wave of announcements this week. But, at the last minute, Intel graciously decided to offer us a kiosk at the Intel Developer Forum, kicking off August 16th.

So, we're going to align our announcements closer to that date. But this is great news for us. Actually, it's the first time we've ever exhibited at an Intel Developer Forum. It's one small way that Intel is demonstrating a commitment to Android.

A lot of startups follow the "fail fast" methodology. As we enter year two of this Kickstarter, we certainly have defied that model.

It has been an interesting, challenging, painful, fun, and stressful two years.

So, kicking off this second year - we're going to echo our last update's promise, because it's an important one. We'll do what it takes to do right by all of you, even if it means refunding those that think we haven't done enough, despite the pullback in silicon support. We wouldn't be here without you.

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Thumbs Up The Chilling Fields
Posted by: BackerX - 07-19-2016, 11:20 PM - Forum: ConsoleOS Rip-Off Open Forum - Replies (2)

It's such a treat to know that Christopher Price has scoured every paragraph of this little project.  Welcome, huckster!  Ever thought about getting a job and repaying the Kickstarter Backers you ripped off?  Anyway...

It looks like everyone's favorite never-do-well is hard at work doing whatever he does, including submitting a flurry of DMCA requests; targeting Google search results. 

The Chilling Effects Project reports:



My favorite is where he claims ownership of the reddit content, claiming his writing constitutes an article.  Unless I'm missing something, which is always a strong possibility.

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  Meetups dead. Backers have options! ConsoleOS going Experimental.
Posted by: BackerX - 07-06-2016, 01:37 AM - Forum: ConsoleOS Rip-Off Open Forum - Replies (21)

A broadcast message for those backers who, at CP's urging, signed up at  Meetups.com, back in the days of naivety.  As for events, there never was one.  No news.  No events.  

I imagine, just a whole bunch of backer money spent on car payments and a trip to Spain. And then there were the Carl's Jr. and Soda Stream expenditures.    

Quote:Subject: [ConsoleOS-com-Official-Meetup] Console, Inc. News & Events Are Moving Off Meetup!
Date: 2016-07-05 05:27 AM
From: Christopher Price <info@meetup.com>
To: ConsoleOS-com-Official-Meetup-announce@meetup.com

Hi all, this is Christopher Price, Console, Inc.'s founder and CEO. 

As we announced last month, we've entered into a deal with Teclast to
bring some new, innovative Android devices to the United States. We're
focused on making the software and specs great, and they're focused on
making sure the hardware is built great. 

You can read more about that announcement on our home page:
http://console.com.co/ [1] 

We haven't forgotten our Kickstarter backers, who will be given multiple
options, and we have moved Console OS to experimental status, as Intel
has pulled back support in the Android space of late. 

Because of these changes, and dramatic price hikes at Meetup, we're
folding up our Meetup page, at least for now. We plan to use Eventbrite
for upcoming events. 

To be notified of future events - you need to sign up to our mailing
list! Follow this link to do so [2]. Thanks! 

 This message was sent by Meetup on behalf of Christopher Price [3] from
ConsoleOS.com Official Meetup [4]. 
 If you want to reply to Christopher Price, click here [5].
 To report this message or block the sender, please click here [6]
 To unsubscribe from special announcements from your Organizer(s), click
here [7] 

 Meetup, POB 4668 #37895 NY NY USA 10163 | support@meetup.com 

[1] http://console.com.co/
[2] http://eepurl.com/
[3] http://www.meetup.com/ConsoleOS-com-Offi...p/members/
[4] http://www.meetup.com/ConsoleOS-com-Official-Meetup/
[5] http://www.meetup.com/ConsoleOS-com-Offi...uggestion/
[6] http://www.meetup.com/ConsoleOS-com-Offi...tup/abuse/
[7] http://www.meetup.com/ConsoleOS-com-Offi...l=orgBdcst

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  "The empire struck back..."
Posted by: Mary's Goats - 06-10-2016, 03:25 PM - Forum: ConsoleOS Rip-Off Open Forum - Replies (41)

New post today about Christopher Price's "exclusive partnership" with Teclast. Once again, in Christopher Price fashion: take software he didn't create and slap it on hardware he didn't create. Such a visionary: http://console.com.co/console-teclast-partnership/

Console, Inc. and Teclast Electronics Co. are joining forces to co-develop two new Android devices. The first of two devices will be announced in the very near future.

We’re going to be talking a lot about the new hardware soon. Today we’re just announcing the deal, and how it’s going to change what Console will be doing.

There are a lot of great Android devices coming out of China. But, they’ve been falling short in a few areas. Some of the specs are off, and some of the firmware is… well… disposable. Even the biggest companies are missing the forest for the trees on that one. Our strengths at Console have been knowing what tech-savvy Android consumers want, and bridging the Android OS gaps to take those solutions to customers.

We tried to make a dual-boot operating system. One month after we began shipping it, the empire struck back, and the kernel we depended on, mysteriously vanished. We don’t think that was coincidental. But rather than cry over spilt milk, we’re going to move forward. If we can’t make an Android client operating system that’s great on a lot of machines, we can pull off a great Android PC experience one device at a time.

Our partnership with Teclast will make sure of a few things. First and foremost, our devices will be built, shipped, and its delivery guaranteed by Teclast. Two companies standing together, backing these gadgets from design to production. At Console, we also can focus on making changes that are essential to making these devices successful outside China. Built by Teclast, designed by Console. If it sounds like a familiar idea, it is.

As part of this pivot, last week we informed our Kickstarter backers of some major changes. Console OS is moving to an experimental status, and we expect to ship Console OS Marshmallow later this summer. Beyond that, we aren’t sure just yet. As part of the planned pivot to hardware devices, we are going to refund our Kickstarter backers. We outlined the plan to do so with backers last week, and that process will happen as our first hardware ships to end-users in the fall.

But we aren’t going back to crowd-funding. The last, great, part of our partnership with Teclast, is that they see the same demand curve that we do. They don’t see the tablet, or the PC, as some has-been platform. It is still growing. That growth curve has been altered by things like Windows 10. But those distortions are not the death of an industry… they’re merely a call to do better. Teclast sees that same vision. And, because of that, we don’t have to crowdfund. Instead, we’re going pre-order… and save the billing for when your device is actually being built, certified, and then packaged and shipped.

Hardware was where we began. We shipped a small dev kit, one that quietly became the most powerful Android device ever shipped at the time. We’re now pivoting back, because we refuse to let a few bean counters, and a few show stoppers on high, deny you all what you want – a tablet that runs Android, and also can work through the day as a powerful PC.

We’ll have a lot more to share soon, sign up for email updates, and we’ll show you what we’ve been building in the coming weeks.

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  Update 38
Posted by: xxlariusxx - 06-03-2016, 05:46 AM - Forum: ConsoleOS Rip-Off Open Forum - Replies (9)

  1. Hi everyone, this is a backer-only post, because it primarily involves backers. We don’t want announcements in regards to you all, to be a shock to you all.


  3. Later this week, we’re announcing our first hardware deal - and later this month, our first hardware. It’s a big change for Console, and it’s going to change what we do.


  5. We still hope to make Console OS. But as Jide and Remix OS have found, it’s not a very profitable business. Millions of downloads, doesn't always mean millions in funding. Had they reached out to us, we would have told them that from the get-go. Between Google entering the PC space with Android, and Intel backing away from Android on PC - after we couldn’t stop development of Console OS… it’s a painful double-whammy.


  7. Worse, Google isn’t bringing what you all want to the PC space. They’re bringing Chromebooks that run Android apps, not true Android. So, there’s still room for us, but it may not be in offering a PC OS for existing computers.


  9. In the wake of those post-campaign changes, to make Android work well on the PC, we had to focus on specific devices - battle test and tune them. It’s the only way after we lost the Android-IA kernel for PC hardware.


  11. Again, we may keep building Console OS, and we expect to at least step up to Marshmallow this summer.


  13. So, what’s going to happen to us?


  15. For backers, we’re going to give you choices. More choices the better we do. We did state the risks, and people chose to back us accepting those risks. Intel’s decision to discontinue Android-IA upstream was a risk that we ran into.


  17. Today, we can say that initially, all backers will receive discounts offers on our upcoming hardware - for much more than you backed on Kickstarter. We still expect to ship the remaining perks to a few hundred backers still pending.


  19. But, we will also say this. If this pivot is successful, and if Console OS doesn’t make sense to build anymore - we’ll give you all refunds. Even after shipping all the perks.


  21. Now, those are big ifs. We can’t stress that enough. We’re under no legal obligation to refund people - but if we can, and can keep Console going at the same time, we feel it’s the right thing to do.


  23. Right now, our sole focus has to be on announcing this new hardware. It will give us the funding, and more importantly, the mandate to keep going. But we aren’t going back to Kickstarter. Other companies in this ecosystem have demonstrated an ability to abuse how Kickstarter works, and turn it against us.


  25. We won't be launching any new products on Kickstarter for the foreseeable future, until we're funded enough to resist outside threats and coercion by other companies to our partners. People who fund a project, deserve a better solution - supported by multiple companies working together. We think we have that with our new hardware, so we're excited to try again... while doing the best possible for the backers that got us here.

Found this posted so credit to that person.

A few points though:

"millions of downloads don't mean millions in funding."

No shit, Chris. That's why they started with hardware in addition to the software, from jump. And unlike the iConsole Micro, people are actually buying their hardware. Had they reached out to you? STFU. You're a nobody. Everyone knows how difficult it is to make money with Android, even with hardware. You're not breaking news.

"Google isn't bringing what you wanted to the PC space"

And after 80,000 dollars, neither are you. That was supposed to be your job. That's okay because Remix is doing it. Plus what I really wanted from Android was multi and floating Windows, which are coming. And Android apps on Chromebooks is a GOOD thing. You've changed your tune to say you're about pure Android on the PC, but that's only because you know you can't code the features that would enhance Android on a PC. THOSE features were why people backed you.

"if Console OS doesn't make sense to build anymore"

It doesn't. You can get dual-booting PC/Android tablets that can flash Remix roms, are under 300 dollars, and rival iPad build quality. You can get Remix on your current PC, or replace your current PC with a Chromebook and not miss a beat. Refund the money.

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  Damn you, Intel!
Posted by: xxlariusxx - 05-01-2016, 08:21 AM - Forum: ConsoleOS Rip-Off Open Forum - Replies (3)

With the news of Intel discontinuing some of its chip, "defiantly open" Christopher Price has released an "update" (giving an opinion counts as an update now, I guess) and in it, he reveals:

"We wanted to build the first quad-carrier, tri-SIM Broxton Android superphone. Now, we can’t."

Curse you, Intel! Once again, you screw Chris over and deny us his greatness and vision!

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  Robert is a moderator now lol
Posted by: xxlariusxx - 04-21-2016, 03:51 AM - Forum: ConsoleOS Rip-Off Open Forum - Replies (5)

So as recently as two days ago, Price was still insisting that he has a team of engineers, and it's not just him. But apparently, even though he's basically said that Console OS is on hold until Android N, none of these engineers have time to provide support in his own forms. I guess they're so busy going through Remix OS' code, that he had to make Robert a moderator to do his work for him. Robert is obviously a talented kid, but it's been a while since I saw someone so smart but this blind at the same time.

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  "Over 99.9% of backers, literally, have been supportive."
Posted by: tarnacious - 04-19-2016, 01:47 PM - Forum: ConsoleOS Rip-Off Open Forum - Replies (4)

"Over 99.9% of backers, literally, have been supportive" - Mobile Media Ventures, Inc, 18 Apr 2016

That's interesting. With some quick analysis of the backer comments I was able to find more than 1% of all backers (more than 10% of backers who have commented) who seem to want a refund.

Tony, 01, Feb 2016

"why not refund everyone's money, abandon this project, and let some real developers continue the work with the android on pc projects that already work?"


Trần Chí Thanh, 02, Mar 2016

"chó đẻ, refund now!!!"


RiceFryer, 25, Feb 2016

"You just issue refunds to asking refund guys."


Shiv Manas, 19, Feb 2016

"I would like my pledge cancelled and my funds refunded please."


Cristian, 19, Feb 2016

"We are requesting that you refund my pledge as it seems at this point that you cannot fulfill it, or are unwilling to."


Jerome O'Flaherty, 19, Feb 2016

"I would also like a Refund please"


Gerald Kelel, 25, Mar 2016

"He fraudulently obtained backer funds by purposely withholding information about Android-IA for Core's suspension until the refund window had past."


Tommy de Neef, 25, Feb 2016

"Please refund.."


Hans Gelpke, 19, Feb 2016

"Please issue a refund for my pledge."


KIHWAN JIN, 17, Jan 2016

"Issue refunds!"


David Carter, 19, Feb 2016

"I would like a refund for the product I also never recieved"


allnitelong, 23, Jan 2016

"I want to be refunded according to Kickstarter rules."


Gary, 23, Feb 2016

""We are not refunding people."


Dennis, 22, Feb 2016

"in fact, for the sake of my fellow backers who were not refunded, I hope they do get something."


Cody, 23, May 2015

"I do not expect a refund from you as I had contemplated asking for months ago. "


Nick Figliolia, 19, Feb 2016

"Finally a chance to get a refund."


Tan Jee Khium, 20, Feb 2016

"And you refunded some of the backers but not us?"


Ian R, 21, Feb 2016

"Again, we gave refunds as a courtesy and to expedite the process.""


Ryan Kritz, 22, Feb 2016

"Also I know I'm not getting a refund, but it doesn't hurt to express my interest for one in writing, for the record, of course."


Christoper Rogers, 19, Feb 2016

"I am, quite frankly, insulted that I have been offered a refund with reason being that I am in a group of "trolls" for posting somewhat regularly and expressing my dissatisfaction with the state of this product."


Huang Jung-Hsing, 23, Feb 2016

"I want a refund as I never get anything as promised."


\_/  Refunded 04.06.16.  Hush  $$?  \=/, 05, Apr 2016

"Where do I request my refund?"


ACH, 25, Feb 2016

"What does Kickstarter have to do with a refund through a third-party payment provider?"


Johannes W, 19, Feb 2016

"I also would like my pledge cancelled and my funds refunded please."


Alexandru Stoian, 19, Feb 2016

"I would like a refund for the product I also never recieved"


Richard Yiu, 26, Feb 2016

"I am requesting refund once again."


Ryan R, 19, Feb 2016

"Would like a refund as well."


Hifihedgehog (AKA "That Headphones Guy"), 20, Feb 2016

"Email Subject: Console OS Unfair Refunding Policy"


Ng Yan Duan, 10, Feb 2016

""Speaking of hurting other backers by doing refunding, why don't make a vote to see what does the majority of the backers want?"


Cimakan Rashid, 17, Mar 2016

"I want my refund"


alan robinson, 27, Jul 2015

"I would also like a refund."


Mat Oldaker, 24, Feb 2016

"There was no mention in the Campaign notes or RISKS about this project being based on Android-IA or that its closure would impact on Console os, you touted this as a fully working OS for the initial 25 supported devices, As your claims have been made fraudulently, Please refund my pledge."


Edgar Santos, 23, Feb 2016

"Otherwise i think i will go for the refund."


Arul Jayanth Muthukumar, 26, Feb 2016

"But Kickstarter support has replied me there is no such ticket and they do not offer refunds through PayPal"


Gausen, 19, Feb 2016

"Since the reward I pledged for doesn't exist I'm asking for a refund."


Simon Bilodeau, 23, Feb 2016

"I would like a refund too."


Charles, 19, Feb 2016

"@ACH So far multiple $10 backers and one $50 backer have been confirmed refunded..."


Beau Steward, 11, Mar 2016

"I seriously doubt I'll ever see a product or a refund on this."


Raphael, 07, Apr 2016

"Please refund me. "


AC, 24, Feb 2016

"You're are exercising your right (in kickstarter rules) about who you chose to refund, how about our (backers) rights?"


pk, 23, Feb 2016

"The should have a good look at this project and see why nearly all of the backers want a refund."


tim, 10, Mar 2016

"As for refunds, I feel kickstarter is a risk, and that's why I only risked $10 dollars... and I'm pretty sure the 5700 other people who took a chance with the project will be less likely to back other projects."


Owen Shadbolt, 27, Nov 2015

"@Everyone, Firstly I'd just like to say that I'm not at any time going to be requesting a refund from MMC for this project."


Ripton, 21, Feb 2016

"Well since the only way to "ban" people here is to not be a backer anymore, I think MMV is refunding the people who he calls "troll" so that they will no longer be considered backers and won't be able posting here."


Kenji Castro, 19, Feb 2016

"Refund please"


MMV=$78K Payday!  Backers got NOTHING!, 22, Feb 2016

"@copier -  Thank you for the refund of 50 USD.  "


Andy, 22, Feb 2016

"I'm also asking for a refund within two weeks -- otherwise I'll file a Federal Trade Commission complaint."


Steve Clark, 27, Feb 2016

"What a ripoff.. Where is my refund?"


jesus, 19, Feb 2016

"i Would like a refund as well.I've waiting for the product ----2014"


Keith SanJose, 29, Feb 2016

"Can I please be refunded my $10."


cypher, 19, Feb 2016

"I would like to request a refund."


Cykit, 23, Feb 2016

"Well this is what I am about to do, since I already got the refund."


Richard Kolla, 19, Feb 2016

"I would like a refund please."


Andrew King, 19, Feb 2016

"We are requesting that you refund my pledge as it seems at this point that you cannot fulfill it, or are unwilling to."


Dave McAlister, 18, Apr 2016

"And just in case MMV try to further suggest that they cannot issue refunds: https://www.kickstarter.com/terms-of-use… (point 5) states:"


graphidz, 01, Mar 2016

"So what's the progress on the refunds?"


Niraj Sanghvi, 19, Feb 2016

"I would like a refund as well please."


Owen D'Aprile, 19, Feb 2016

"I've heard your issuing refunds and I'd like one as well."


Paul Steffen, 07, Mar 2016

"So in summary, you will not refund me the $10 I contributed to your project, but you will pay me if I contribute work to your project."


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