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Update 38 - xxlariusxx - 06-03-2016

  1. Hi everyone, this is a backer-only post, because it primarily involves backers. We don’t want announcements in regards to you all, to be a shock to you all.


  3. Later this week, we’re announcing our first hardware deal - and later this month, our first hardware. It’s a big change for Console, and it’s going to change what we do.


  5. We still hope to make Console OS. But as Jide and Remix OS have found, it’s not a very profitable business. Millions of downloads, doesn't always mean millions in funding. Had they reached out to us, we would have told them that from the get-go. Between Google entering the PC space with Android, and Intel backing away from Android on PC - after we couldn’t stop development of Console OS… it’s a painful double-whammy.


  7. Worse, Google isn’t bringing what you all want to the PC space. They’re bringing Chromebooks that run Android apps, not true Android. So, there’s still room for us, but it may not be in offering a PC OS for existing computers.


  9. In the wake of those post-campaign changes, to make Android work well on the PC, we had to focus on specific devices - battle test and tune them. It’s the only way after we lost the Android-IA kernel for PC hardware.


  11. Again, we may keep building Console OS, and we expect to at least step up to Marshmallow this summer.


  13. So, what’s going to happen to us?


  15. For backers, we’re going to give you choices. More choices the better we do. We did state the risks, and people chose to back us accepting those risks. Intel’s decision to discontinue Android-IA upstream was a risk that we ran into.


  17. Today, we can say that initially, all backers will receive discounts offers on our upcoming hardware - for much more than you backed on Kickstarter. We still expect to ship the remaining perks to a few hundred backers still pending.


  19. But, we will also say this. If this pivot is successful, and if Console OS doesn’t make sense to build anymore - we’ll give you all refunds. Even after shipping all the perks.


  21. Now, those are big ifs. We can’t stress that enough. We’re under no legal obligation to refund people - but if we can, and can keep Console going at the same time, we feel it’s the right thing to do.


  23. Right now, our sole focus has to be on announcing this new hardware. It will give us the funding, and more importantly, the mandate to keep going. But we aren’t going back to Kickstarter. Other companies in this ecosystem have demonstrated an ability to abuse how Kickstarter works, and turn it against us.


  25. We won't be launching any new products on Kickstarter for the foreseeable future, until we're funded enough to resist outside threats and coercion by other companies to our partners. People who fund a project, deserve a better solution - supported by multiple companies working together. We think we have that with our new hardware, so we're excited to try again... while doing the best possible for the backers that got us here.

Found this posted so credit to that person.

A few points though:

"millions of downloads don't mean millions in funding."

No shit, Chris. That's why they started with hardware in addition to the software, from jump. And unlike the iConsole Micro, people are actually buying their hardware. Had they reached out to you? STFU. You're a nobody. Everyone knows how difficult it is to make money with Android, even with hardware. You're not breaking news.

"Google isn't bringing what you wanted to the PC space"

And after 80,000 dollars, neither are you. That was supposed to be your job. That's okay because Remix is doing it. Plus what I really wanted from Android was multi and floating Windows, which are coming. And Android apps on Chromebooks is a GOOD thing. You've changed your tune to say you're about pure Android on the PC, but that's only because you know you can't code the features that would enhance Android on a PC. THOSE features were why people backed you.

"if Console OS doesn't make sense to build anymore"

It doesn't. You can get dual-booting PC/Android tablets that can flash Remix roms, are under 300 dollars, and rival iPad build quality. You can get Remix on your current PC, or replace your current PC with a Chromebook and not miss a beat. Refund the money.

RE: Update 38 - Backer - 06-03-2016

very nice. the comments would also be interesting ?

RE: Update 38 - sortan - 06-03-2016

Nice xxlariusxx!

This is about what I guessed the update would be. I'm not going to waste time picking through Price's nonsense, but it's funny this idiot thinks its hard to make money on software, so he's moving on to hardware.....

If his MO holds up, he'll be preparing press releases for all the tech blogs (Engadget, etc) as well as reactivating his army of sockpuppets. Hopefully, people will speak up this time and we can prevent others from getting scammed.

RE: Update 38 - xxlariusxx - 06-03-2016

(06-03-2016, 09:11 AM)Backer Wrote: very nice. the comments would also be interesting ?

I wish I could find a way to get those but I guarantee half of them are Chris saying one of three things:

"Not true, Console OS is available to download right now..."

"We weren't the ones that discontinued Android-IA for PC..."


RE: Update 38 - Backer - 06-03-2016

that is a classic "Frankly" Smile

RE: Update 38 - pk1967 - 06-03-2016

I was about to upload this update, but seems it has been done. I have made friends with a backer so will be able to provide any future backer updates.

RE: Update 38 - Backer - 06-03-2016

any chsnce to get the comments?

RE: Update 38 - xxlariusxx - 06-04-2016

(06-03-2016, 07:26 PM)pk1967 Wrote: I have made friends with a backer so will be able to provide any future backer updates.

Do you think he'd mind providing the comments somehow? My favorite Chris is flailing, defensive Chris.

RE: Update 38 - Mary's Goats - 06-06-2016

"We won't be launching any new products on Kickstarter for the foreseeable future, until we're funded enough to resist outside threats and coercion by other companies to our partners."

There is so much bullshit in that sentence.

RE: Update 38 - xxlariusxx - 06-07-2016

"coercion by other companies to our partners"

Let's pretend he has actual partners. What the hell is he even talking about? Coercion from who to what? By the way, speaking of partners, he's been teasing an actual partner announcement for weeks now. But Price is the master of making announcements that's he going to announce that he has an announcement.