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Summary of Allegations Against Christopher Price
Here is a finalized summary of the allegations we have against Christopher Price. Moderators and administrators, please feel free to build upon this list. Insert links and photos in the exhibit sections. Please try to keep this as precise and succinct as possible. Please distribute this information through all channels, including news sites, forums and social media. This may also prove to be very helpful for our legal counsel as we continue to finalize our class action against MMV/Console Inc.

1. No one else except Christopher Price works for MMV/Console Inc. Since day one of this project, he has refused to answer the simple question of the number of employees in his company. However, he claimed earlier in the Kickstarter comments section to have "engineers", which is plural meaning at least two other employees besides himself. However, he now refrains from referring to his departments at all by quantifiable nouns, instead resorting to using terms such as "engineering" to describe areas of his company. When asked on multiple occasions for the number of employees in his company, he pretended to have been asked for names, not numbers.

Exhibit A: Search the comments section (current as of 2-4-2016, 12:01 AM MST) with the terms "engineer", "employ" and "number" for the numerous noted examples: Viewable here:

2. He falsely claimed to have already delivered Console OS Pro. He has said in the Kickstarter comments section that he already delivered "Console OS Pro" to backers. Currently, Console OS still lacks Pro features. The Pro version, by definition, would have Pro features. 

Exhibit A: "We aren't rewriting history, we did deliver Console OS Pro exclusively to backers in the timeframe stated." Viewable here:

3. He still has not shipped any of the physical rewards to backers. 

Exhibit A: As indicated by Price's following post, as of February 1st, 2016, physical rewards still have not been shipped to backers. Viewable here:

4. He tested thousands of paid Play Store apps without prior backer consent, either using thousands of dollars of Kickstarter funds to purchase them or engaging in pirating to obtain them. He claimed online that he had tested thousands of paid Play Store apps on Console OS. This would mean he had either spent thousands of dollars to purchase them or he had obtained them illegitimately by pirating them. 

Exhibit A: "We've successfully imported and tested thousands of paid play store apps, right in our own labs."
Price never responded back explaining how he acquired those apps. Viewable here:

5. He falsely claimed to have already built a prototype with over 100 features already built-in before the project campaign. He has been unwilling and unable to produce the original prototype that he already "built" prior to the project. Likewise, he has been unwilling and unable to provide verifiable visual evidence, either through prerecorded video or live screencast, which showed said prototype had "over new 100 features already built-in." 

Exhibit A: "We've rebuilt Android™ to be a primary operating system for your PC, 2-in-1 or PC Tablet. Over 100 new features built-in already." Viewable here:

6. He fraudulently obtained backer funds by purposely withholding information about Android-IA for Core's suspension until the refund window had past. He withheld the information that Android-IA for Core's development had been suspended, of which he was informed three days after the campaign had ended. He did not let backers know Android-IA for Core was crucial for Console OS's on-going development. He even made it appear in campaign materials that it was a direct competitor, not the basis for Console OS's code. Somehow, the rest of the industry understood Android-IA for Core's suspension to be indefinite but not Price. He did not inform backers of its suspension until backer funds could no longer be refunded, almost six months later. Per Kickstarter policy, all project creators can fully refund their backers through Amazon Payments up to 60 days after a campaign has ended.

Exhibit A: "@Dave - We're still determined to make that happen, despite pullback from partners. Had Intel called us up during our Kickstarter campaign and said 'hey, heads up, yes we can confirm we're suspending Android development for Core processors' - then we would have posted that. 
We didn't get confirmation of that until three days (72 hours) after our Kickstarter campaign ended... it was a punch in the gut, frankly we're even surprised we got this far in the wake of that." 
Viewable here:
Whew... Finished.

I honestly don't care that I spammed the living daylights out of the Kickstarter comments section with the numerous incremental drafts I developed of this. Price needs to give restitution to us backers for the misappropriation of our funds and the misrepresentation of his project.

Show this to our lawyer, and he will be very anxious to take this to court as soon as possible.
Never mind the KitKat "release" missing the Pro features, more importantly it was missing any development from CP - people ran a diff on it and could see it was identical to Android-IA. It was offered as a DR1 developer preview that most people could barely get to boot - not the automagic, painless-to-install bullshit he promised. He basically spent four months promising the world, lying about all the work his imaginary team had done and were doing, only to release Intel's product with no modification. How he considers this as shipping Console OS Pro is truly mind boggling.
When redistributing this document, please instead use this summary below or one like it in place of the introductory paragraph used at the top of this forum thread:

Quote:Here is a near-complete summary of the crimes committed by Christopher Price, CEO of Mobile Media Ventures, Inc./Console, Inc., against the backers of the Console OS Kickstarter project. Feel free to distribute this information through all channels, including news sites, forums, and social media.

I just posted this entire synopsis in the Console OS thread on XDA Developers:

I am going to be very busy for the next couple months with real-life matters that are much more important than this crazy Console OS case. I may pop in now and then, but I hope others will fight the brute we know as Price in the comment section with the information we now have readily at our disposal. Simply copy and paste whenever he lies about any of these points. Most importantly, hopefully, this summary serves all of us backers well in seeking legal restitution against Price.
Well done.  And thank you for the effort you put into this discovery process.
(02-06-2016, 02:27 AM)BackerX Wrote: Well done.  And thank you for the effort you put into this discovery process.

You're welcome. Now, for a lot of things I have to take care of that are of much greater importance at home and family than this one wretched slimeball of a scammer. Again, please feel free to update this document as needed, BackerX! See ya!
Nice list!

Regarding (1), remember that this guy is a failed blogger who's only skill is picking up and regurgitating jargon from various forums. He would have needed to pay someone to set up his github and even the tiny tiny changes he's made.

(6) is even very generous to the guy. Up until two or three months ago he was still trying to give everyone the impressions that "his team" was actually working on code instead of depending entirely on Intel. You'd think that with his stream of verbal diarrhea strewn across the internet on various social media accounts, he'd have the decency to let his "backers" know of major changes to his project when they happened...

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