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Full Version: anyone taken action..what's the feds saying???
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ok so all the talk has basically run it's course, CPrice is still spewing his BS....

has any backers actually taken action and filed with the Federal Trade Commission???

What has the answers been, no help, no action????

He's allowed to just cruse along til all backers just go away, with $78000 and nothing
that was promised delivered???

Just curious as running more KickStarter scams may be a good business plan to keep
raising $50K-$80K per year as opposed to working....just keep the requested donations
below $25.00 and no one is going to shut you down, sue you, or whatever, it seems...

American Capitalism, gota love it no?
I would say it's too small of investment for each additional backer for anyone to care. A lot of us would coordinate and potentially file out of sheer principal, but you know most people. They would say "He's an asshole, but it's only $10." And they wouldn't want to spend the time or energy to pursue anything. Most people are lazy.
I know folks have filed the complaint form. What happens next is anyone's guess. And yes, I think there is a business model in there somewhere.