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Thousand dollar backer comment - expsych - 04-27-2017

Just thought I would post this recent comment from a thousand dollar backer of Chris's project:

Dave Constant on April 16
Good morning.
I've not posted publicly as the developers were keeping in regular contact when I had questions.
My most recent message has gone unanswered and the console os web forums are nothing but spam.
I understand taking a risk when backing a project, and that many people will not worry about the loss of $10 USD.
For the three of use who pledged over $1,000 USD we are paying attention, and desire results for everyone,
Do you wish to comment on the status of your web forums?
Do you wish to comment on the possibility of refunds for all backers?
We look forward to you public reply.
Dave C

RE: Thousand dollar backer comment - BackerX - 04-27-2017

(04-27-2017, 04:58 AM)expsych Wrote: ...
"I've not posted publicly as the developers were keeping in regular contact when I had questions." 

LOL.  He said "Developers."   He must not have been paying attention. I have little sympathy for this fellow.  

And I wouldn't be surprised if the other thousand dollar donors were the Copier himself and/or his immediate family.

RE: Thousand dollar backer comment - xxlariusxx - 04-27-2017

Does he address the spam? Nope.
Does he address the refunds? Nope.
Somehow, not having all his boxes moved into the "new office" prevents him from commenting on these things. I'm sure the second that last box is unpacked, he'll tell us everything we want to know.

RE: Thousand dollar backer comment - sortan - 04-27-2017

I don't want to be mean, but a saying about a fool and his money comes to mind.

I figured everyone above the $100 level were relatives and/or alt accounts. I'm guessing that Christopher's parents and grandparents were his first victims and that he is continuing at this "CEO" charade mostly for them.

If this guy's been content with Christopher's answers for three years now, something tells me he's not going to notice this latest non-answer answer either.

One month unpacking. Seriously? I miss the old Christopher. The Christopher who can entertain us with stories about his Paris office and how he hobnobs with the other tech CEOs.

RE: Thousand dollar backer comment - Mary's Goats - 04-28-2017

It's been a wild ride for the Console OS team, volunteering blood sweat and tears for the victims of the Oroville Dam Spill. We know Christopher was out there saving puppies and giving back to the community for weeks. I mean, that's what was delaying him. 

Then, the move. The big move! All those 3 boxes of WD External hard drive "servers" and gadgets he's going to refurbish and sell on eBay. What exactly does he have at his office? Console OS was scrapped so it's not like he needs gadgets to test Android-x86 builds on, and ConsoleTab doesn't exist, so he has no inventory. 

Oh Chris.