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Access for "banned" 13 Trolls
I still have access as a backer despite that I accpeted the refund.

Has anybody else lost his/her access to Kickstarter - Console OS stuff?
i could still log in and looks like i can still post comments. i didn't try to post anything though. maybe this ban thing was just another lie.. LOL!
What time is currently in USA?

Is it afternoon?
Yes. Almost 2pm eastern here.
Okay, so there are some hours left for his great banning show :-)

I am so curious. It would be a pitty not being able to read his magnificient Status Updates.

For sure he spends a lot of time for writing it.
This sort of thing has happened to me before. The creator issued a refund, however, I was still able to comment. I use this special access to keep creators honest. Nearly 12pm here in California.
12:20 PM in California and I still have access. But I kind of said good bye last night.
(02-22-2016, 01:20 PM)BackerX Wrote: But I kind of said good bye last night.

I'm so sorry, that must have been emotional.
Christopher Price Wrote:We're not going to ask our teammates in Europe to burn midnight oil to ship source code this weekend. Some cannot even leave their homes, and are under curfew. France is in a state of emergency.

Check out his new excuse.... banhammer?!?! So predictable.

I say if anyone of the 13 is willing, and if we truly are not banned, we give him a whole week before commenting. That will give him no excuse.
yup his latest excuse is so pathetic. i'm down for not posting a whole week like ian r suggested. i really want to see what his excuse would be lol.

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