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Access for "banned" 13 Trolls
I have got still access the updates pages and I am listed as a Backer.

Additional I have written to Kickstarter that I want to remain a Backer.

I am curious what will happen :-)
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(02-22-2016, 09:23 PM)Backer Wrote: I have got still access the updates pages and I am listed as a Backer...

I'm still listed as a backer as well, however...

As a parting shot, I left a message with a Billy Bragg quote on the main comment wall.   Then I went through each one of the 32 Backer Updates last night and left a simple message:

Quote:"This project has been a scam from the beginning.  For more information, visit"

And got this in the mail this afternoon:

We're writing because we noticed you posted abusive content. This kind of activity is against our Community Guidelines and it is not permitted. We take our guidelines very seriously; please take a minute to read through them.
Because you have violated our guidelines, your ability to message has been revoked until Feb 29 2016 12:56 pm EST, your ability to comment has been revoked until Feb 29 2016 12:56 pm EST, and your ability to post on Campus has been revoked until Feb 29 2016 12:56 pm EST.
We understand the necessity of an open discourse between backers and creators. After these privileges are restored, you’re welcome to voice your opinions so long as you do it in a manner compliant with our Community Guidelines.
Thank you for your cooperation.

I thought it would have been my comment on the main wall, which wasn't out of line, but pushed it a bit, with the statement*: 

Quote:"You should give honesty a taste, it's really, really good. But I know you can't.. I do hope you get diagnosed at some point."

Kickstarter deleted all 32 comments on the different Backer Updates.  Those were the abusive ones?    What'evs. 

*My anonymity has been blown, but it wasn't hard to figure out who I was.

Creator Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. 30 minutes ago
Calling us "con men" is why we are in kind, calling you a troll. 
If you are "sick and tired" of this, simply go away. We'll keep calling out your disrespect.

Hey "con man".....that's why we keep calling out YOUR DISRESPECT........

and BTW...disrespect like respect needs to be earned....and man have you earned being called DISRESPECTFUL.....
you get outa bed on the wrong side EVERY FRIGGIN DAY.......

Ya know there's an app for that, maybe you should copy and paste it into your scammed builds.....!!
Or just blame someone else...your good at that....!!!!
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Notice he said "calling US con men." He's still perpetuating this myth that there is anyone else but him. The backer clearly called him, and him alone, a "con man." Singular.
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@miker1029 - i wouldn't call myself majestic but thanks Smile
i was able to login and still listed as a backer but i haven't tried to post anything. i think right now the pathetic mr price is looking for anything to delay his so called release of console os and i don't want to give him a reason to blame the 13 for spamming the wall and taking up his precious time. his bullsh** is unwinding with every comment he makes and he's grabbing for anything he can to form an excuse. i think the other backers (who haven't been refunded yet) need to speak up now cause at this point, the only excuse he has for why he can't deliver is he doesn't have anything to deliver LOL!
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yup i agree. i think the other backers need to know we're still there but giving him a chance to deliver with no excuses (but we all know that's not gonna happen lol.) i don't think i want to be the one to do it though. some of the other 13 have been way more influential than i have in calling out this whole scam so i think one of them should do it. i think it will spite the pathetic mr price even more lol!
thanks miker1029. yea i have seen that and thought the exact same thing you did. i hope they succeed. in fact i tried to donate to the android x86 project when i first received my refund but was denied because something about their paypal account couldn't accept money from my US paypal account. i'll need to see if i can try again. thanks!
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hey guys,

Did the other 12 got the refund amount in ur paypal account?

Because for me it didn't worked when i tried it with my account
(02-24-2016, 11:34 AM)aruljayanth Wrote: hey guys,

Did the other 12 got the refund amount in ur paypal account?

Because for me it didn't worked when i tried it with my account

I didn't have to do anything, it was just sent to me and then automatically went into my Paypal account.

Also, I just posted a comment on the KS comments wall so it appears I still have access. I really only posted to see if I still could. I have no desire to even attempt to download Console OS. I'd rather just get it from the source directly: Android-x86.
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I was finally removed through CP's efforts and flagging.  KS found the gumption to remove me as a backer.  I would still like to contribute to help the other backers.  Although CP is fucking up fine on his own.  It's one tragic comedy of errors after another.  It seems that he will post himself into oblivion.  Ironically, his effort to scrub the KS comment wall has put his demise on fast track.
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