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Backer Survey
I want to use Console OS on the following machines. See later on for custom PCs. Please use Manufacturer + Model format. Please be specific. (Example: Dell XPS 12-9Q33 or ASUS Transformer Book T100TAS).
ASUS Transformer T100

System #2 - Use the same format (Example: Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Late 2013 or Sony VAIO Tap 21 SVT21217CXB)

System #3 - Again, please be as specific as possible with model numbers.

System #4 - You can cast two votes for one device by using the same make/model in an additional vote field. This is why all fields are required.

System #5 - If you have machines that we are already slated to support, list them too if you're out of new machines.

From our experience, most people have just five or fewer machines to vote for. If you want us to duplicate these votes over, just say "Copy" in this box. Otherwise, leave your email address (must match Kickstarter) and we'll send you additional votes.

Custom Machines: Answer in the following order CPU Vendor, CPU Model, Motherboard Make/Model & then append any additional PCIe cards/accessories. (Example: Intel Core i7-9670K, Gigabyte Z97, Radeon HD 9876, Broadcom 321 Wi-Fi). Type NA if not applicable.

Please tell us what GPU / Graphics vendor you would like us to support. For logistical reasons, please vote for the one you use the most. [Fear not if systems above have different GPUs - we're tallying both and will be factoring both into our analysis]
NVIDIA Graphics

Do any of your machines include built-in GPS?

Do any of your machines include a built-in 3G/4G radio?

Are you interested in nightly builds of Console OS? Keep in mind, this an operating system. A bug in a nightly build can easily cause you to wipe and reinstall everything.
No - Not for me.

Android "L" is coming soon. We're soon going to have to decide if we should keep building out Console OS based on Android 4.4, KitKat, or speed up moving to "L". This will mean trade-offs between our original feature set and fast upgrades. Help us decide:

Stick with Android KitKat, and focus on adding features and functionality to that release for now.

InstaSwitch will take us awhile to build, and requires us to get pretty comfortable with one branch of Android (L vs KitKat, once again). Do you plan to use InstaSwitch? Is it a high priority feature for you?
Yes - I want to use InstaSwitch right away.

Valve has given us the cold shoulder - but our door is always open to talking more about working together. We think 

Console OS and SteamOS® should get along, but we need to know if you really want that:
No - Not interested in SteamOS® on devices I'd want Console OS to run on.

We've outlined pretty well how we'll support importing apps obtained from outside sources like Google Play™ - but this question is about Google Play in particular. Do you want Console OS to someday support Google Play applications?
Yes - I want Google and Console OS to get along. Can't we all just get along.
Name & address
Shirt Size

Responded on Sep 15 2014. This survey is closed. If you still need to change an answer, try sending a message to Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. .

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