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Console Inc on Wikipedia
Every now and then I'll check in to see if there's ANY update whatsoever about Chris Price honoring his Kickstarter commitments even though it has been obvious for years that he is nothing more than a silmy con artist. In a recent search I came across a Wikipedia entry:

I have made some effort to clean up the lies and call him out (e.g. "The number of employees and size of his company is unknown" - a very creative spin on "his company has no known employees ever"), but I can't possibly compete with the crowd. I hope anyone reading this who has frustration with not only being ripped off but the completely brazen and remorseless manner in which he has done so will be encouraged to contribute with citations where possible. More citations = less likelihood of being removed as fabrication or idle slander.
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The link doesn't work above because the final period is left off. Make sure you include the dot at the end:

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