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Filing a Federal Trade Commission complaint in 3 minutes or less!
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The US Federal Trade Commission have been investigating crowdfunding projects that appear to be deceptive and/or fraudulent. 

Let's ask them to have a look at what's been going on with Console OS Pro, Mobile Media Ventures and Christopher Price.  At the very least, the FTC might be able to investigate and ensure that our backing funds didn't go towards anything personal or for silly things, like the legal fees to change Mobile Media Venture's DBA name to ConsoleOS, Inc, or towards travel expenses to attend overseas conferences.  Or car payments. Or rent (highly unlikely). Or phones.   

Filing a complaint was painless.  And the more Backers that do it, the more visibility this case will get.  I'll try to make easier for you to submit your own complaint with copy/paste info.  

So crank up an other tab or browser instance and let's get started! 


Step One:

Navigate to:
I had a chat with one of the agents and he told me they are pursuing crowdfunding complaints as online sales, if goods were offered and money exchanged.  So...

Select Internet Services, Online Shopping or Computers and then Online Shopping. 


Step Two:

Select what applies in your situation.  In my situation, I never received merchandise, or a correct or prompt refund. 

Step Three:
Complaint Details: 
Enter your pledge amounts and payment details

Copy and Paste:
Company Representative First Name: Christopher
Company Representative Last Name: Price
Company Representative Title/Position: CEO 


Step Four:

Company Details: (copy/paste) 

Mobile Media Ventures, Inc.
2905 Stender Way  Ste 86D
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Step Five:

Your Information - can't help you with this one  Shy


Step Six:

Comments: (You are welcome to copy/paste, change the details to reflect your situation and /or tell your own story)

Quote:During June/July/August, 2014, I pre-purchased a license of Console OS Pro for $10 USD from Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. of Santa Clara, California, via Mobile Media Ventures alleged that the software had been in development over the previous 18 months and was functional, contained over 100 features already built in, and just needed some finishing touches and that software would be shipped around December, 2014. 
To date, Console OS Pro has not been shipped nearly a year and a half after the estimated delivery date of December, 2014.  The vendor has ignored repeated requests for refunds, claiming “you can’t get blood from a stone” and “we wouldn’t issue refunds even if we could.”
I am one of 5,695 customers who have not received Console OS Pro, and one of the hundreds of whom have begged for refunds. 
It has come to light that apparently Mobile Media Ventures (dba Console Inc.) were never capable of creating Console OS Pro with the features they advertised.
The product offer page:


Step Seven:

Congratulations!  You're done!  You're a class act, for sure!  You'll get reference number and an email confirmation.  

Let's work on the state's Attorney Generals next!
Thanks asuka for that guest appearance.*  And thanks Smokeingit for the Intel.
*In the spirit of transparency, the asuka account is a parody account.
Backers are interested in this. I think we should pin this along with the allegations.


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